A Fully Managed White Label B2B Outbound Marketing Campaign That Includes Custom Lead Research, Personalized Cold Email Outreach, Appointment Setting, and Landing Page.

Commitment Guarantee

We guarantee a 10% minimum positive response rate over 3 months or we’ll commit to keep generating leads and sending out emails free-of-charge until we hit that number.


We’re 100% legally compliant with the various anti-spam and data protection laws when running a campaign in your specified jurisdiction (USA, Canada, Europe, and the world).

Expert Advice & Guidance

Your email campaigns will benefit from our aggregated knowledge & data on the best approach to email copy, cadence, legal compliance, optimized sending times, etc. 

Custom B2B Leads

Everyone’s needs are different so give us your specific lead requirements and we’ll find B2B leads precisely matching your criteria.

Cold Email Campaign

A multi-part sequence of emails written to give you the best chance at positive responses from people that want to talk to you.

Personalized Email Copy

Each email sequence is written by a professional copywriter in the US and personalized for each individual recipient.

Email Domain

A dedicated domain closely matching your primary domain name but exclusively used for your campaign.

Unique IP Address

A brand new IP address for your email domain to ensure it’s only used by you and not shared.

A/B Testing

We test copy variations on email one in your sequence and keep the best performing one.

Email Address Validation

Each lead email address is tested against 8 criteria (MX Server test, email domain test, Blacklist status, SMTP test, etc.).

G Suite Sender Validation

We use a Google G Suite account to send emails and to ensure delivery by the correct setup of your MX, CNAME, SPF, and DKIM settings.

Landing Page

Similar to PPC Ad Campaigns we provide a custom landing page that closely matches your cold email campaign to increase conversions.

Appointment Scheduling

Scheduling is managed via an AI assistant that will handle all the back and forth emails with your lead to set a date and time that works for all.

Salesforce / CRM Sync

We use Zapier to send interested leads directly to your CRM. Alternatively, we’ll set up a system that works perfectly for you.

Full KPI Reporting

You’ll have full access to various KPI’s related to your campaign (emails sent, open rate, response rate, bounce rate, etc.).


White Label Lead Generation and Cold Email Service

10% Minimum Positive Response Rate Commitment Guarantee.

Fully Managed by Outbound Marketing Experts.

A Monthly Service with No Contracts. Pay as You Go.

Pause Service when Your Sales Team are at Capacity.

A White Label Service. Great for Agencies.

CAN-SPAM, CASL, and GDPR Compliant.

Warm B2B Leads

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