In which countries do you operate?

We’re focused exclusively on the US market. Your company and yourself can be based anywhere but the leads we focus on for your campaign must be active in the US.

Do you always get positive lead responses?

We always get positive responses. We’ll happily refund your money in the very unlikely event that we don’t manage to generate new leads. 

How many leads typically respond positively?

This is a very difficult question to answer because every campaign is different.

That being said, we always strive to get you at least a 10% response rate. So if your package includes 350 leads we’ll strive to get you at least 35 leads that responded to your call-to-action.

Of course, our success rate for your campaign could be a lot higher but the above is our baseline.

What lead data points do you provide?

This depends on your plan and the relevancy to your campaign. We always provide at least the following:

1. Name
2. Surname
3. Company Name
4. Position
5. Email address

Additional data depends on your needs and can be:
6. Phone Number
7.Company address
8. Annual Revenue
9. Number of Employees
10. The software they use (if relevant to your campaign)
11. Etc.

How soon after payment do you get started?

We start with campaign setup directly after payment confirmation. Step 1 will be for you to complete an onboarding form where you’ll provide more information on your offer, target audience, demographics, etc. You’ll be redirected to this page following payment.

When do you deliver all my leads?

You’ll receive a complete list of your leads at the end of each month. All positive responses are immediately sent your way. 

Can I pause or cancel a lead campaign?

Yes. We have a no-obligation policy which means you can cancel your campaign at any point. 

Are you CAN-SPAM Compliant?

We are 100% CAN-SPAM Complaint. We wouldn’t have a business if we weren’t. 

In short, we abide by the following:

1. We clearly identify the intent of every email, in the Subject Line & in the content of the email.
2. We clearly identify who the email is from.
3. We personalize every email to the individual email recipient.
4. Emails include a PO Box or Physical Address.
5. We provide an opt-out mechanism and abide by it when requested.

In addition to this, we only send emails to leads whose information is publicly available. We also do not send emails to info@, support@, etc. since those emails are not personal identifiers, meaning we email individuals and not departments.

How do I know if this will work for us?

If you run a company that sells to businesses (B2B) then cold email can work for you. Companies speak to each other every day. They collaborate and partner every day. If your company does any of this in order to generate new business then what we do will be an extension to those activities. We take a part of what any successful business does anyway and manage it for you, plus we add specialized knowledge about how this process can best achieve success for you.

The other part of this answer lies with you. How effective are your sales funnel? How effective is your Sales Team in closing warm leads? Is your product or service validated? Is it something people want? If you are confident in what you do and how you sell we’ll be confident with you and help you scale your business.

Lastly, it is important to mention that if we feel that we are unable to adequately help you achieve results we’ll be open about it and suggest fixes or alternatives.

What happens after purchase? Step 1, etc?

You can pay directly for the plan you want or you can contact us or book a call and we’ll answer any questions you have.

After payment, you’ll help us learn a little more about your ideal lead requirements and the goals you wish to achieve.  

Using the information you provided we are able to start building your campaign. Get ready for those hot leads!

You are always kept up to date on the latest. We also provide you with complete campaign analytics (emails sent, open rate, reply rate, etc.).  

What if I want my money back?

We don’t offer a money-back guarantee BUT we do honour a refund for any campaign that failed to generate any positive responses.

Each refund is approached on a case by case basis. 

It is very important to note that campaigns require a minimum 3 month commitment due to the time it takes at the start of a campaign to generate the correct custom leads that match your profile.

Do you verify lead email addresses?

Absolutely. This is paramount to a successful campaign. Here is what we consider when looking at email addresses.

Valid Format – Emails are checked for being in a valid format and failed if invalid.

Disposables – Emails are checked against our list of disposable email hosts and failed if found.

Role Accounts – Emails are checked to be a role account and failed if found.

Blacklists – Emails are checked against your blacklists and failed if found.

Domain exists – Emails domains are checked to be an active hosted domain and failed if not found.

MX Server Exists – Emails are checked to have a valid MX server in their DNS and failed if not found.

SMTP Test – If none of the previous tests were able to fail the email address it will finally be deep cleaned, at which point we actually check with the addresses MX server that the mailbox exists and is currently able to receive email.

Which email address do yo use in my campaign?

We set you up with a new domain that closely matches your current company domain. We’ll use an email address from this domain. The email format should be john@ if John is the person at your company that is the one most likely to actually talk to this lead later for closing.

How often are we updated on campaign progress?

You’ll be provided with access to campaign analytics to ensure you’re always updated on what’s happening in your campaign.

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