Payment will be month-to-month. However, campaigns require a 3-month commitment. This is because we need sufficient time to (1.) complete your campaign setup, (2.) generate your leads and (3.) sending outbound emails begins at a low conservative number of emails and is then scaled up slowly. This is to keep your sender reputation in perfect standing. If you have any questions please get in touch. We’re here to help.

  • Each email lead will include Name, Surname, Email, Company, Position, etc. Exact specifications will depend on your required lead profile.
  • A/B testing (variations) on email copy is done on the first email in a sequence.
  • Email validation means we check every lead email for authenticity to ensure the email we send actually gets delivered.¬†We check if the domain exists, if the MX Server exists, if the email is blacklisted, and four other validation checks. See our FAQ for details on this point.
  • Custom email domain will match your primary domain name but with a different TLD (Top Level Domain). If your domain is then the email domain we use might be
  • Email delivery is managed by Google and as such sender validation is ensured by correctly configuring email domain MX, CNAME, SPF, and DKIM settings.
  • Every individual email is personalized to the person that will receive that email.
  • The landing page will reflect your cold email campaign closely, similar to the process when running PPC Ad Campaigns. Unified message cohesion will ensure greater success. The landing page will also allow a visitor to schedule a call with you at a date and time that suits your schedule.
  • Appointment scheduling is handled automatically via an AI assistant that will coordinate with yourself and your interested lead to ensure a matching date and time slot for your call.
  • Salesforce / CRM is done via Zapier. If your CRM does not support Zapier we’ll use an alternative setup that will work perfectly for you.
  • Full reporting means you’ll receive KPI’s on emails sent, open rate, response rate, bounce rate, etc.
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